Our mission

Anaon Productions is a young entity dedicated to the production of independent audiovisual works that allow the filmmakers to truly express themselves without any boundaries. We are not here to please anybody nor fulfill any well-established blueprint deemed as successful. As long as our vision remains fully realized, we believe that Art has prevailed and our goal was fulfilled. Be warned, oddities and unconventional filmmaking may deter the casual audience.

Moreover, we wish to provide a brotherhood for independent talents to join their efforts into creating movies that do not need to follow in their peer footsteps to claim their birthright. If you feel concerned by this manifesto, feel free to join our ranks! Whether you are a director, writer, director of photography, musician, sound engineer, actor or any skills related to movie-making, your skills will be used at their finest in a future project.

Our projects

We mostly produce short movies but any audiovisual collaboration interests us. Our first release, "The Spirit of Père-Lachaise" was released in 2011. This bizarre tale of ghosts and curses was shot at the exceptional site of "Père-Lachaise cemetery" in Paris. With an aesthetic akin to the postcards of old, prepare to be bewitched! Since then, a couple of projets have been in various stages of production, the only one officially announced being "Apoastre", a nihilistic and devouring chant. Luckily, our team having grown in size, ephemereal collaborations became possible, such as the directing of the "Dans ma nuit" music video for the french Black Metal band "Peste Noire".

What's next?

The post-production of "Apoastre" being far more complex than originally envisioned, it should be released in 2017. In the meantime, preproduction of another short movie is expected to begin.

If you wish to take part into our future productions or get additional information about Anaon Productions, do not hesitate to drop us a note by using the contact form.