In Cannes

Sunday May 15th, 2016

The Anaon Productions team is currently spreading its venomous blight at the 69th Cannes Film Festival.

Anaon team

Anaon Productions

Peste Noire: À la Chaise-Dyable

Wednesday February 17th, 2016

We hereby proudly present our latest offering: "Peste Noire: À la Chaise-Dyable", an in-depth documentary about the french Black Metal band PESTE NOIRE.

English subtitles are available.

Till next time!

Anaon Productions


Monday February 15th, 2016

"Peste Noire: À la Chaise-Dyable", a 35 minutes documentary about the noxious Black Metal band PESTE NOIRE will be released this coming Wednesday on our site.

Containing in-depth interviews with band members & close acolytes, our friend Myrme le Bossu returned to their dingy abode in Auvergne last fall to film this and settle things straight regarding the current incarnation of the band.

The result is an open window into the filthy minds of the duo, complete with matching mossy visuals.

Production shot

We hope you'll enjoy it!

Anaon Productions


Tuesday December 2nd, 2014

Lastly, to celebrate this return with might, we would like to share with you a few things we have in stock for 2015.

It is finally time to officially announce our second short movie, so far known under the working title "The Light at the End of the World". The final and definitive title of this black gem is "Apoastre", and you can watch a teaser preview of it right now… See you in 2015 for the finished movie!

Labyrinthically yours,

Anaon Productions

Waking up the Dead

Tuesday December 2nd, 2014

After a lengthy year of silence, we are back with great news!

Firstly, we would like to officially welcome Myrme le Bossu amongst our ranks and wish him many future adventures with us.

As a welcome offering, he directed a music video for us. And not just any music video but the first ever videoclip for the french Black Metal band "Peste Noire"! The song is called "Dans ma nuit", and will no doubt become a new reference for the underground dwellers.

You can watch it by clicking on the preview below:

Production shot

Labyrinthically yours,

Anaon Productions

Anatomy of an abomination

Saturday March 2nd, 2013

The nursing of the film pursues its path slowly but firmly. After a very tedious step where we sorted and cleaned up all the available material, the first assembly cut of the movie was just completed. It clocks in at no less than 34 minutes and includes all the approved material for the final movie. Some insert shots are still missing and will probably be shot in the coming months as soon as the time is right. There may also be some pick-up shots of our main protagonist required for continuity and pacing reasons.

Once the rough cut of the movie is finished, it will be screened to our production crew to further refine the film to suit our purpose. Its much too early to announce a release date but we can already tell you that the true title of the movie has been decided upon and it sounds like the quintessence of its theme!

We will probably give you more news as soon as the editing is almost complete and the writing of the score is about to begin.

Labyrinthically yours,

Anaon Productions


Monday October 1st, 2012

We are back from an exhausting shooting week. Nothing was spared to us: technical issues, hostile weather and extreme fatigue but principal photography is finally wrapped. The eyes of whole crew are slowly getting used to light again as well as to the torments of the world of the living…

The humid anguish of the extensive shooting sessions in particularly exiguous locations at times brought all members of the team closer to each other and the thread of fate allowed us to sign somebody to score the movie as well! His existing music was already used as a temporary soundtrack for the quick teaser we presented to the crew as filming progressed and his work seems to have taken root inside us…

A new step for the project is now starting, and post-production will go on during the long months of Winter, where the hopes of Men die.

Oh but one last thing before we leave you. We promised to give show you some productions shots, but where are they now? Well, we settled on revealing only one picture for now as to keep the thickest shroud on the storyline.

Behold… The Light at the End of the World!

Production shot

Labyrinthically yours,

Anaon Productions

Countdown to despair

Tuesday September 18th, 2012

August came and went, and no sign of the promised news… What's happening?

Well the whole team has been than pretty busy lately. After a well deserved break, we set sail toward "The Light At The End of the World". The script is complete as well as most props, preproduction is coming to an end. To tell the truth, they'd better be because shooting is starting next Sunday!

This is the main reason we have been a bit slow on news, getting everything ready down to the smallest detail is quite time consuming and even with a comfortable 8 days shooting timespan, we want to get everything right. No compromises.

Our plan is to release a few production shots next week, but don't expect to see everything just now because we are certainly not going to spoil the story before you can see the actual movie and despair.

Labyrinthically yours,

Anaon Productions

The Light at the End of the World location scouting

Wednesday July 25th, 2012

Teaser 2

What an exciting week-end!

This didn't go exactly as planned (do they ever ?) but we were able to perform most of the planned tasks. All locations have been carefully chosen and turned out to be exactly what we had been looking for! The exact filming location will be disclosed at a later time but the scenery is likely to suck you in the story in no time.

Speaking of storyline, the first draft of the script was completed last week after almost 2 years in limbo, which feels like an achievement by itself. It feels good as is but after scouting for locations, some fresh new ideas sprouted from the void and are begging for some rewrites, the latter of which will happen during August. The main actor is also rewriting some of his dialogue lines to better fit his temper. We didn't have time to shoot any dialogue scenes yet, but rehearsals are planned to occur in a few weeks as well.

Teaser 3

As promised, here are some preproduction shots straight out of the three and a half minutes demo reel that was screened to the crew after this week-end's filming. And yes, we'll be shooting in CinemaScope for this movie! The wider aspect ratio should give you a more intimate bond with the character and his fate, which will be key to fully experience "The Light at The End of the World".

The project is indeed growing larger and more complex but we are committed to keep it under tight control. Sadly, this means that shooting is almost guaranteed to be postponed by a few weeks at least. As we announced it, we do not want to rush things. Most technical details are already sorted out but there is still a lot of work to be done on props and costumes. Details like that take time. Hopefully, the weather will not betray us and will still be in line with our expectations by then, as there will be plenty of outdoor shooting.

Don't expect any news before August, but rest assured that our cauldrons are brewing the most peculiar concoction of all…

Labyrinthically yours,

Anaon Productions

Dying embers

Thursday July 12th, 2012


Great news fellow readers!

Since "The Blood Spiral" was put on hold, we decided to produce another short movie in the meantime, by summoning one of our unfinished scripts lurking in the shadows. We spent some time wondering which path to follow and came to the conclusion that it was time to give "The Light At The End Of The World" the green light!

As you might remember, this was a pet idea we outlined last year, yet we couldn't find the right person to cast for the main part. Time's up and the casting is finally complete as of last week! We feel very confident about our choices, just wait and see for yourself… The script is being worked on at a frantic pace and as we envisioned, the dialog lines are being written in collaboration with the main actor. If all goes well, we'll be done by the end of the month and shooting is expected to take place during the final days of August. Of course, we will not hesitate to delay it if the script is not fully satisfying. In the meantime, location scouting will take place next week so you can expect some more news very soon, complete with a few preproduction sneak peaks.

Just one last threat before the ink dries: here's a preproduction shot from the movie taken during lighting tests that we would like to share with you. There's great chance that the movie will end up looking nothing like this, but we wanted to see how far we could push the envelope in low-light conditions, this being a story about the rise and fall of Light after all…

Labyrinthically yours,

Anaon Productions

The Blood Spiral first teaser shot

Friday April 6th, 2012


As the last icicles are finally returning to the thirsty earth, and the scents of a glorious spring are upon us, we decided to give you a little sneak peek at our biggest upcoming project: "The Blood Spiral". Keep in mind that this is just a working title until the true title is revealed.

This shot is actually not from the movie itself since shooting has been postponed until further notice, but comes from the location scouting performed last year. We tried to make it as close as possible to the intended atmosphere and color palette... Which kind of ominous threat lies in those bleak rocks? Only time will tell...

Rest assured that even if the most ambitious projects are making slow progress, we are not standing still. In fact, we shot a little short movie over the winter, something quite different from our past, present and future offerings, something... humorous? Unfortunately, we do not plan on releasing it until next winter. See, it's one of those things that really belong to that time of the year. Be patient, we'll have more to write about it during the course of the year.

Labyrinthically yours,

Anaon Productions

Upcoming tales and dreams

Saturday November 26th, 2011

Silence lasted longer than planned, but it is finally time to come back to you with some fresh news!

Time flies by so quickly, it feels strange that in just over a month we will celebrate the first anniversary of "The Spirit of Père-Lachaise" release. How did we get carried away for so long without getting back to you about our new projects?

Well… They were just not quite ready to be announced yet. We've been working on two different short movies and each has its own complicated agenda.

The first one is a 3-minutes experimental movie entitled "The Light at the End of the World". This is by far the easiest of both projects yet the least advanced development. We have the pitch, we have some scenes but no script has been written so far. Our main concern is that we have not been able to find the right person for the leading role, and we intend on building the movie around that person rather than the other way around. There needs to be some very intimate bond between the actor and his character, as if there was almost no acting on his part (or an insanely great performance!) and dialogue lines ought to be written in collaboration with him. The script outline will be completed soon but until casting completes this project will remain on hold. So if you're a male in your 25-35s living in the Paris area and want to take part in some bleak and nihilistic story, feel free to contact us and we'll do some screen tests.

The second project is the real deal. We are aiming at producing a 20 minutes genre movie. A title has been chosen but it is too early to reveal it to your ravenous eyes so we'll fill you in on other details and nickname it "The Blood Spiral" in the meantime. First, this is no "Spirit of Père-Lachaise" sequel. While there will be some similarities due to the atmospheric approach, the new movie will be less experimental. Expect fully recorded dialogues, multiple characters and an intricate storyline tied in a visually unique package.

The script is almost complete and we have been location scouting over the past spring and summer so most locations are now settled. Shooting was initially scheduled to take course over the summer but delays and casting issues postponed it and it seems now reasonable to expect shooting to start no earlier than spring 2012 due to weather concerns. On a positive side, this unfortunate delay will allow us to invest in the required gear for this ambitious project without compromising too much on the original vision.

We'll try to post some updates as we get nearer to the actual shooting, including the final title and some teaser artwork.

Labyrinthically yours,

Anaon Productions

The Spirit of Père-Lachaise unleashed

Friday January 7th, 2011

This is it. Our first short movie has finally been released! You can watch it here. In addition, we published the full storyline in the appropriate section of the site. Be warned though, that it contains serious spoilers so you might want to watch the movie first. See it more like a companion guide to gain a deeper understanding of the movie.

As planned, only the french version is currently available. The international version in english will follow next week although it is our deepest will to express that the french version remains the genuine one : while we made good efforts at translating the writer's words, we believe that the spirit of this old graveyard can only be paid tribute to in this language.

Of course, do not hesitate to drop us few words about your feelings on this movie. Any opinion, as long as it is constructive, is thoroughly welcome.

Finally, this is not the end. We will be back with more over the year so try to check us out once in a while. No release date can be announced as of yet, as its much too early for that, but our cauldrons are definitely boiling…

Happy new year!

Monday January 3rd, 2011

We wish to thank you a happy new year on behalf of Anaon Productions. 2011 tastes like the sweet flavor of good things to come! As for us, we are already on the march for unveiling what we are all about.

As the release date of our short film, "The Spirit of Père-Lachaise" draws closer (only a few days left!), we have decided to publish additional information about it:

Firstly, don't expect a visit to Jim Morrison's grave because it is just nowhere to be seen. We have no touristic ambitions whatsoever so you'll have to be looking for a virtual tour elsewhere. This graveyard has a life of its own and seeks its sap from the depths of Paris… we intend to pay our tribute, nothing more.

The french (and original) version of the movie is going to be released first, followed a week later by the international version. But fear not! Since this is a silent film after all, not much will be different except for the credits and a tidbit of text so this should not drastically alter your enjoyment of the movie.

One last note for our technical-savvy viewers : while we are fully satisfied by the Full HD master of the movie, we are not sure it can be pristinely transferred to the web. A lot of natural grain and details seem to be lost in translation when downscaling to 720p and lowering the file size to acceptable amounts (the original master being over 5 GB !). Sadly, part of the cinematography will look flatter than originally intended even if the result is still more than enjoyable. We'll be looking at alternatives to provide you with a high quality download of the movie in the future, so that you can experience our short film as we intended it to be watched.


Wednesday December 22nd, 2010

We are now opening our website to the public.

This place will serve a hub between you and our creations. Speaking of creation, our first short movie, the supernatural tale "The Spirit of Père-Lachaise" will be released on January 7th, 2011, so don't forget to check us out by then!

If you want to learn more about us, there are various sections on this site, including a contact form which might be handy. Also, if you wish to follow us, you can subscribe to our RSS feed where further updates to this blog will be published.

Hoping to share our movies with you for the years to come,

Anaon Productions